The Shire of Blackmoor Keep
invites you to . . .


In Search of a Jester

Something funny is going on in Blackmoor and the Forest Maiden has requested it continue. Show off your best Jester cap and compete for the title Forest Maiden Jester.


April 27, 28, & 29, 2012 AS XLVI

Site opens at 5 pm Friday and closes at 11am Sunday.


We-ta-Wentin  2185 Campfire Road, Lake Charles LA. 70611
From I-10, take Hwy 171 North to Hwy 378, Theriot Rd. Turn East and
follow SCA signs to Campfire Road, turn right, watch for SCA signs.

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A call goes out to fighters.   Bring list tree shield and banners. With your consort
take part in an afternoon Tournament of Champions qualifier List.
A Golden Ticket to September's Tournament, a garland and the titles
Blackmoor Champion  and Forest Maiden await the winning couple.


Rapier Fighters will take part in a morning List
with the winner acknowledged for their prowess and skill. 


Open Arts & Sciences display and competition, Populace Vote.


Will your Jester Cap receive the greatest acclaim ?

Do you have what it takes to win the title Forest Maiden Jester ?


We-ta-Wentin is the location of the first Guessing Game and as is custom,

such a game will be presented by Mistress Barbara Sterling.

Expect a class or two and a tasty feast planned for 80.  

Site is discretely wet.  Proper disposal please.


Merchants Welcome

 Per site Policy - No Pets




Screened Cabins or Tenting $18 with Feast $22
Daytrip $15 with Feast $18      Non member adults add $5
Youth 7 - 12 half price; 6 and under w/o bed are free.

No family shall pay a site fee higher than three adult member prices for admission to the event as long as they are all members.  This does not include feast spaces for more than those covered by the three (3) paid adult member prices.  Family is defined as custodial adults plus legal dependants.  Proof of immediate family relations and age may be required.


Make checks payable to SCA Inc. Shire of Blackmoor Keep.



 Mistress Barbara Sterling - Barbara Fleig



 Baron Nigel de Rothewelle' - George T. Cline

2621 Laura Lane Lake Charles, LA 70605  337-478-1211 before 9 pm


Head Feast Cooks:

Lady Deborah of Longville -  Deborah Long

Lord Reinhardt Stahlhelm - Glenn Long


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